About us 

Pointing Plus is a masonry contractor in Washington, D.C. specializing in repointing brick, tuckpointing bricks, repairing stone buildings, installing brick and stone patios, walkways, steps, and porches.

Every project we take on needs a different plan of action to be completed correctly. We take each structure's needs into consideration and carefully plan every step of a project before starting work.

​​ We customize each step of the process, keeping in mind the safety of our employees, the quality of our work, and the customer's budget. Our professional staff is dedicated to providing your project the attention necessary to get the job done right. 

Our staff past and present

The pictures below are of employees who have made a huge impact to the success of Ponting Plus. We have grown and adapted to become a very knowledgeable company after completing 1000+ unique restoration jobs in Washington D.C.

Work Study Program in Wales 

Preservation work on a Welsh castle.  

In 2006 Danny Palousek was offered an opportunity to go to Wales for a work study program with Traditional Building Skills Institute at Snow college in Ephraim, Utah. Wanting to learn more about masonry preservation and restoration, Danny got his first passport and joined the team on their journey to a castle named Pen Y Bryn.

After a long flight to what felt like the other side of the world, the team arrived in Wales. The next morning they talked about the history of the land and the building they were working on.  They tried to envision Pen Y Bryn as its original larger footprint and followed a mound of land that had remnants of a previous footings showing us traces of history lost over time.

They set up tools and gathered resources to do a small repair to a part of the castle wall. They used old world techniques to do a suitable rebuilding repair to a part of the wall of the building.
The day was overcast and on the cooler side which provided good curing conditions for the repair. While waiting for the repair to dry they explored some old lime kilns in a near by sheep pasture.

The whole experience was very exciting and educational.

In 2007 Pointing Plus was featured on This Old House for restoring an 1879 Italianate Shaw rowhouse façade.  Click on the article below about our restoration efforts. 

"Making Something out of Nothing ." As seen on This Old House

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